7 Feb 2017

POEM: Salt the colour of a God

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Last year I took part in the  CV2 magazine’s 2- day poem contest, which if you don’t know is a contest in which they provide you with ten words and you must write a poem in 48 hours. Sadly my poem didn’t win but I thought I’d share it anyways because why not? Its a […]

5 Feb 2017

Publication: POEMS! Lovely poems :)

I had the pleasure of recently being published in a great online magazine, The This Magazine. They pair up an issue with an artist who creates a piece of work for every contributor to go along with their work. I am so happy with the artwork that was paired with my poems. If you have […]

9 Sep 2016

Interview: I was on the radio!!

So the wonderful Erika Thorkelson interviewed me for Vancouver Co-op radio for her show The Storytelling show. We talked about my writing life, my relationship with my granny, why I write about Indigenous issues, my Etsy shop and music I love. It was super fun! It was my first time on the radio and I […]

31 Aug 2016

LISTEN: ‘Nipiy’ a poem by Francine and Myrtle

LISTEN: ‘Nipiy’ a poem by Francine and Myrtle

Water is Love, Medicine, Spirit, Balance A poem written by Francine Cunningham with Cree translations by Myrtle Calahasian. I wrote this poem to celebrate water or nipiy. I asked my grandmother, Myrtle Calahasian, to help me with the translations and to read the voice of the wind. I love my grandmother’s voice and to hear […]

1 Sep 2015

Publication: Poetry

Hey everyone, I have two new poems up at Echolocation Magazine. One of these poems was written a long time ago and buried (writers can be too critical of our stuff so much of the time) and the other was in response to a challenge issued by author Richard Wagamese during the 2014 Banff Centre […]

16 Jul 2015

New Poetry

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New Poetry

I have some new poetry up on Hamilton Arts and Letters, there is even one about that time I went on a juice fast. Enjoy! Poems, yah!