2017 Room Magazine: Feminist Literary Festival March 12-13. Panels you can find me on:

Words and Pictures: Although this is a “literary” festival, most of the writers we know work in at least one other artistic medium—and we think it’s high-time to celebrate that! Art and writing are natural complements, and moving between different media can teach us so much about the other. Multi-talented creators Elizabeth Bachinsky, Francine CunninghamChantal GibsonRoxanne Charles, and sab meynert each share their experience of moving between literary and visual worlds, and how artists can get their feet wet in other art forms.

Reflecting on our Reflections: Compared to the heavily-photoshopped fashion magazines that line the aisles at grocery stores, we might not think of literature as a source of messaging about women’s appearances. But, just like any form of media, the novels, short stories, and poetry we read can be infused with patriarchy and racism. At the same time, our writing can be a place where ideas of beauty and self-image, can be broken apart and remade anew. Juliane Okot BitekNilofar ShidmehrFrancine Cunningham, and Lorna Crozier share their experience of rewriting the stories we tell about our bodies.

2016 Real Writers of Vancouver reading series  details here.

2016 The Storytelling Show on Vancouver Co-op Radio. Listen here.

2016 Book Launch Boobs: women explore what it means to have breasts, Book Warehouse, Main Street, Vancouver, BC.

2016 British Columbia Museum Association annual conference, Indigenous Teaching Methods: Applying Indigenous Pedagogy to Education and Public Programs; The Native Youth Program at The Museum of Anthropology as a Case Study. Whistler, BC. Oct 12-14. 

2016 National Art Education Association. Tracking youth after they leave the museum: what if any impact does Indigenous teaching methods have? Chicago, Illinois.

2016 Canadian Museum Association. Indigenous teaching methods in museums. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

2015: Swoon: A literary evening of Love, Sex and Chocolate at Tree’s Organic Coffee on Granville Street, Vancouver, BC.

2015: Teen Angst reading series at The Cottage Bistro on Main street, Vancouver, BC.

2015 Locution reading series, Cottage Bistro, Vancouver BC.

2015 UBC Community Feast Bowl.

2015 British Columbia Museum Associations conference. Teaching Residential school. New West Minister, BC.

2015 Canadian Museum Association. How to teach hard topics. Banff, Alberta.

2015 National Art Education Association. Looking at Indigenous teaching methods. New Orleans, Louisiana.

2015 Endnotes 2015 UBC English Graduate Conference: “Dis-quieting desires”. Teenage Asylums: novel. Vancouver, BC.

2014 Teenage Asylums: novel. Banff Arts Centre Indigenous reading series. Banff . LISTEN HERE

2014 Teenage Asylums: novel. Lucid Book Club and Reading Series. UBC

2014 12th Annual Indigenous Graduate Student Symposium, “Reciprocity in Our Communities – Mobilizing Indigenous Leadership and Knowledge.” Teenage Asylums: novel. Vancouver, BC.

2014 Graduate Research Conference in Children’s Literature, “I Will Be Myself: Identity in Children’s Literature, Media and Culture.” Teenage Asylums: novel. Vancouver, BC.

2013 The Canadian Society for the Study of Education. Narratives of First Nations youth in the Native Youth Program at The Museum of Anthropology. Victoria, BC.

2012 hi:yayes: A Dialogues summit on Strengthening Relations. An exploration of who I am. Vancouver, BC.