Publications and Awards


2018 Grain Magazine: Short Grain Contest: 1st Place Winner Starting A Religion. (Fiction)

2018 Red Rising Magazine: Issue 8: Language. (Artwork)

2018 Poetry is Dead: Issue 17: Coven, A Spell to Bring My Mom Back From The Dead—. (Poem)

2017 Telus StoryHive: Winner 10K Web-Series Edition, The Berg  (Web-Series)

2017 Hnatyshyn Foundation: REVEAL Indigenous Art Awards. (Individual Artist)

2017 The Best Canadian Essays 2017 TightRope Books, Still, Small Voice. (Creative Non-Fiction)

2017 Royal BC Museum, Seeing the Museum Through an Indigenous Lens: Spring IssueCurious Magazine (GUEST EDITOR)

2017 The Quebec Writers Federation, Transcendence. (Non-Fiction)

2017 Word and Colour, Caged. (Poetry)

2017 Joyland Magazine, Complex 2675. (Fiction & Illustrations)

2017 Red Rising Magazine, Star Matter (Poetry) Issue 6:Revolt.

2017 Word and Colour, Whales Can’t save us all but they try (Poetry & Audio)

2017 #NotYourPrincess Anthology, Annick Press, reprint of  A conversation with a massage therapist. (Poem)

2017 In Shades Magazine, Last. (Fiction)

2017 The This Magazine, Through Ribs and Things, Build up, Untitled. (Poetry)

2016 Transforming Our Practices: Indigenous Art, Pedagogies, and Philosophies. How to teach hard topics: The Native Youth Program and Indian Residential Schools as a case study. Published by The National Art Education Association. (Book chapter)

2016 Gatherings: Water Anthology published by Theytus Press,  Water is Spirit Love Medicine Balance. (Poem in four parts) Listen here.

2016 Litro Magazine, Secrets like Lead. (Fiction)

2016 Word and Colour, Resistance. (Poem)

2016 Prism Literary Magazine, Birdie. (Book Review)

2016 The Malahat Review, Summer Issue. Still, Small Voice. (Creative Non-Fiction)

2016 Prism Literary Magazine, Faerie. (Book Review)

2016 The Town Crier, Author Note. (Non-Fiction)

2016 Nanosim #694, (Twitter fiction)

2016 The Maynard, Spring 2016. A Conversation With a Massage Therapist. (Poem)

2016 Caitlin Press, Anthology Boobs: Women Explore What It Means To Have Breasts,  Learning to not laugh it away. (Creative Non-Fiction)

2016 International Innovation Pedagogy in a Digital World. Research summary from Citizens of Tomorrow team. (Article)

2015 The Quilliad Magazine, Issue Six. The Places In-Between. (Fiction)

2015 Echolocation Magazine, For Your Darkness, Storyteller. (Poetry)

2015 The Puritan, Summer Issue. Pornorama. (Fiction & Audio)

2015 Active Fiction Project, a chose your own adventure story on the streets of Vancouver. Slips (Fiction)

2015 Hamilton Arts and Letters, Issue Eight. A selection of four poems. (Poetry)

2014 Our Story: Aboriginal Arts and Writing Challenge, Second place winner. 2822. (Fiction)

2014 Nineteen Questions, Interview With Author Lee Maracle. (Interview)

2014 The Canadian Art Teacher Journal. Who I (really) am: An exploration of Urban Aboriginal Identity through short film. Spring 2014 issue.

2013 I created, facilitated, and designed a Zine with some Aboriginal youth at The Museum of Anthropology called Mixed Tribez, you can read the digital copy here. You can also listen to us reading excerpts from our stories here.

2013 Kimiwan Magazine, Issue Three. You can buy the issue here. (Artwork)

2011 I created and facilitated a print book with The Native Youth Program at The Museum of Anthropology called A Piece of Me. You can find it here. 

2010  The Ubyssey. The Road. (Poem)