14 Feb 2017

What I have to give

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What I have to give

Lately I have been feeling myself dragged into this overwhelming darkness, this depression, I guess you might call it. But it doesn’t feel like my normal depressive state, it doesn’t come from inside of me but instead comes from outside of me. Like some weight I am lugging around, it pulls me down into the […]

12 Feb 2017

What I read—2017 (Running list)

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So as my 2017 goals state I am trying to read more books just for the pure joy of getting lost in a story, like I used to when I was a youngster, which means that I am going to be reading more fantasy, thrillers and mystery books this year since these are the books […]

7 Feb 2017

POEM: Salt the colour of a God

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Last year I took part in the  CV2 magazine’s 2- day poem contest, which if you don’t know is a contest in which they provide you with ten words and you must write a poem in 48 hours. Sadly my poem didn’t win but I thought I’d share it anyways because why not? Its a […]

5 Feb 2017

Publication: POEMS! Lovely poems :)

I had the pleasure of recently being published in a great online magazine, The This Magazine. They pair up an issue with an artist who creates a piece of work for every contributor to go along with their work. I am so happy with the artwork that was paired with my poems. If you have […]

21 Jan 2017

I am in Quebec!

I am in Quebec!

Hey everyone! So I have official begun my five week adventure in Mistissini, Quebec as an artist in residence with the Mikw Chiyâm Program. I am going to be working with youth in the high school on zine making. We are going to dive into writing, drawing, and basically creating fun stuff. I am super […]

15 Jan 2017

2017 goals

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2017 goals

Every end of year I usually put some time aside and really think about my goals for the upcoming year. I write them out all fancy, stick them to the wall above my desk and as the year passes get increasingly depressed and worried because I am slowly failing them. So this year I am […]

7 Jan 2017

Best books I read in 2016

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Hey everyone! So I know I like totally failed on my #95 reads challenge but I did read some amazing books this year nonetheless and I would like give you a break down of the top 5. Why? I don’t really know. I guess blogging about books is just easier than say, baring my soul […]

30 Dec 2016

RBCM: Curious magazine call for submissions

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I am guest editing the spring edition of the Royal British Columbia Museum’s magazine, Curious and I am looking for submissions from BC First Nations Community members for this issue which will look at the RBCM through a First Nations lens. Please send me an email by January 15, 2017 if you’re interested in contributing. Cunningham.curious@gmail.com. I […]

26 Sep 2016

Book reviews!

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I have recently reviewed two books for Prism Literary Magazine. They were my first books reviews, ever, other than what I do here on my blog. I love reading, as many of you know, and getting the chance to put into coherent thought why I like a book and what intrigues me about a book, […]

13 Sep 2016

Life update: post summer

Life update: post summer

Hey! It’s me! I am blogging again. Hopefully. So this summer has been pretty OK. I went on a trip to Montreal, my first visit to the city and the province of Quebec. I was there for some training for my trip up north to a Cree community as an artist in residence for January […]