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REAL conversations with ACTUAL friends: The PLAYLISTS

Hello to all the lovely listeners of RCWAF! On Episode NINE of our podcast we looked at the theme of...THEME, personal theme's that it. And in that spirit we made soundtracks to represent the moments in our lives right now (made in the style of a friend from our early years). So without further ado...LIFE SOUNDTRACKS!

CHARLIE DAY: RCWAF Life Soundtrack One

1.Opening Credits - Stress by Jim’s Big Ego

2.Getting By - Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

3.Getting High - High Times by Jamiroquai

4.Battle Of Wills - Lucid Dreams by Franz Ferdinand

5.Giving Up -  Like The Rest Of Us by Atmosphere

6.Falling In Love - Stranger Things Have Happened by Foo Fighters

7.Her - Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz

8.Losing Everything - Waste by Smash Mouth

9.Battle of Feelings - Burndt Jam by Weezer

10.Hurting and Healing -  Palm Of Your Hand by Cake

11.Char’s Theme Song - Laser Gun by M83

12.“Got My Sunshine Back” - Face the Fire by Poom

13.Ending Credits - Separator by Radiohead

LISTEN to the playlist here on YouTube.


1. Main theme: Made up Love Song #43 by Guillemots

2. Opening Credits: 2 bit blues by Kid Koala

3. The Hero’s Journey begins: Elapse by DJ Krush

4. Lovers Meet: Simple by Florida Georgia Line

5. Wandering the streets late at night: I Love You by Billie Eilish

6. The Enemy reveals itself: Nero Sighted by Michael Giacchino

7. Small victories: Don’t Give Up On Me by Andy Grammer

8. Losing all hope: Somebody To Love by Queen

9. Falling out of Love: Adagio for Strings, Op.11 (Live) by Samuel Barber

10. Calm before the storm: Hal by Yasmine Hamdan

11. Climax: Thunder Struck by ACDC

12. After its over: Starship by Nicki Minaj

13. Ending Credits: All Day by Tribe Called Red

LISTEN to the playlist here on Spotify.




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