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What I read in September 2015

Talk about slow reading month. Wowsers. I was busy. I was travelling. I started watching Mad Man and Under the Dome. Explanation? Kinda.

Thirty Four, Disinherited Generations: Our struggle to reclaim treaty rights for First Nations women and their descendantsby Nellie Carlson, Kathleen Steinhaueras told to Linda Goyette.

Thirty Five, Flesh and Blood by Michael Crummey.

The story that stood out to me the most was Night Watchman.

"There's no hint of the laundry's foundation in the ground now. The laundry tubs and ironing bollards, the bed with the iron frame, the chamber pot, all of it gone, lost in darkness. There's just myself now to say what stood here, what happened to this place. And someday soon, I know, I'll be lost in the darkness as well." (Night Watchman)

Yeah, that's a small reading list.



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