Workshop Facilitation 

Painting landscapes in Klemptu
Painting landscapes in Klemptu

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Comic and storytelling workshop
Comic and storytelling workshop

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Youth on a field trip
Youth on a field trip

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Painting landscapes in Klemptu
Painting landscapes in Klemptu

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I am available as a workshop facilitator for poetry workshops, fiction workshops, zine making workshops, visual art poetry painting posters, puppet making and storytelling, watercolour painting, and so much more. I can come for half day, full day, or fly out to a location for a week long, weekend etc. I am always brainstorming and coming up with fun new workshop ideas so if you have an idea that you need a facilitator for please contact me so we can discuss. 

Contact me at

if you would like to enquire about pricing and booking. 

Past Facilitation 

Mikw Chiyam 

Artist in Residence

I've been working with the Mikw Chiyam Arts Concentration program which is: 'The Quebec Cree School Board Arts Education Concentration Program is an interdisciplinary enrichment program that aims to increase student retention by reinforcing Cree identity through artistic expression. The aspiration for the program is to inspire youth by introducing them to various contemporary Indigenous artists and to create contexts for students to collaborate with professional Canadian artists through four intensive in-school, six-week artist residencies.' Find out more here. 

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Some of the projects that I work on

during my residencies have been 

zine making and magazine making. Also podcasting.  

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N'we Jinan

Artist in Residence

I've also been working with N'we Jinan which is an 'Integrative arts program that offers two – 5 week creative residencies per school which take place in an after school or extracurricular setting. Our program invites artists into schools and communities chosen from a list of applicants that include visual artists, printmakers, photographers, filmmakers, spoken word poets, musicians, actors, authors, dancers, etc.'  Find out more here. 

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Native Youth Program 

For five years I worked with Pam Brown at The Museum of Anthropology working with students in the Native Youth Program (NYP). During her time with the NYP I helped to develop curriculum, did research, and ran creative projects and workshops including short film making, visual arts, writing, zine making, fashion design and more.

Program Manager

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OTHER Noteable 

Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre, Whitehorse Yukon 

Poetry creation workshop for adults

This is a half day workshop that I run that gets people who have. never written a poem, or consider themselves beginners, to write a poem. If you add a full day experience it would include an afternoon of painting an image to go with out poems. 

Vancouver Public Library: Teen Summer Writing Camp

Weeklong fiction workshop on writing basics to middle school aged kids. With a zine making element for their stories. 

The Museum of Anthropology: Lawrence Paul exhibition

Poetry Reaction Workshop 

During the Vancouver School Board First Peoples Festival I ran tours and writing/visual art workshops in the Lawrence Paul exhibition. I got the students to explore idea’s surrounding what Indigenous art is and how you can push those boundaries. The high school students wrote poems and drew postcards about their experience in the space

Creative Writing Children’s Society


I taught a seven week workshop that blended fiction and non-fiction in a way that encouraged the students to look at their own diverse and unique cultural heritages and find ways of bringing those elements into their fiction work.

The University of British Columbia Creative Writing Program: New Shoots

Workshop Facilitator 

New Shoots is a program run by both The University of British Columbia’s Creative Writing program and The Vancouver School Board. It pairs creative writing graduate students with local high school students. I taught a seven week grade twelve creative writing class.