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Manuscript Consultations 

Service offered


I am offering manuscript consultations for works in progress that you feel need another set of eyes to look over them. This is more substantive editing about bigger picture issues with your manuscript, with the offer of suggestions for further revision. This is not a copy editing service or a line editing service. 

This consultation will include brief notes on the manuscript pages, a brief write up of thoughts, and either a one hour telephone or video chat to discuss your manuscript. 

Submissions must be 12 point size font, double spaced (except poetry), and Times New Roman font, black text. 

I will accept Doc, Docx, and Google Docs. 

Please include up to three questions that you would like me to focus my attention on. And let me know your goals for this project. As well, please let me know your level and experience with creative writing so I know how to tailor my comments. 


This is not a copy editing service or a line editing service. Acceptance is not guaranteed and will depend on availability and if we seem like a good fit to work together. I will not consider work that is harmful, violent, homophobic, includes sexual violence, racist, or in other ways mentally distressing to me and will cancel and refund money if this is the case. This service will not guarantee you publication in the future. 

I will endeavour to get feedback back to you and schedule our chat within 4-6 weeks of receiving your document. 


Fiction/Creative Non-Fiction: 

Up to 10 pages: $250 + GST = $262.50

Up to 20 pages: $300 + GST = $315.00

Up to 30 pages: $350 + GST = $367.50

Up to 40 pages: $400 + GST= $420.50

Full manuscript: please contact to discuss. 

(Must be double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, black text) 


Up to 15 pages: $250 + GST = $262.50

Up to 30 pages: $300 + GST= $315.00

Full manuscript: please contact to discuss. 


Rates are subject to change. Payment will be made ahead of time by E-Transfer before I look at your manuscript after an email exchange where you describe your project and your goals to me and if we decide to work together.

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