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I am a painter, illustrator and graphic designer. I make and sell my art through my ETSY shop at www.DemarcationLines.etsy.com.   

Educator Educator

I love teaching and have been working in museum education, high schools, running private workshops and giving professional feedback on manuscripts for over nine years.

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Writing is my passion. I am currently working on my second novel, collection of short stories and an adult picture book. If you have time check out Patreon and help fund my writing life.

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19 Jul 2017

What I write about—

So I have come to a conclusion. Or maybe an epiphany. Or maybe a realization. I don’t know. One of those things for sure. I write about one thing. Over and over again. Different characters. Different angles. But always at the heart the same. Choices. People faced with the moments in life when you have […]

19 Jun 2017

Publication: Serialized Short Story!

Hey everyone! So recently Joyland Magazine published my short story Complex 2675 in a series of four serialized issues. Ya. It was super cool. I did the illustrations for all four issues. So if you have some time and want to read a story about people living a day filled with the magic of choice […]

1 Jun 2017

Publication: Royal BC Museum’s magazine ‘Curious’

I was the guest editor for the 2017 spring issue of the Royal BC Museum’s magazine Curious. This issue was focusing on the museum through the lens of Indigenous visitors. I sent out a call in early winter and the response was incredible. I got so many insightful submissions that I had no problem putting […]

14 Feb 2017

What I have to give

Posted in In my head
What I have to give

Lately I have been feeling myself dragged into this overwhelming darkness, this depression, I guess you might call it. But it doesn’t feel like my normal depressive state, it doesn’t come from inside of me but instead comes from outside of me. Like some weight I am lugging around, it pulls me down into the […]

12 Feb 2017

What I read—2017 (Running list)

Posted in reading

So as my 2017 goals state I am trying to read more books just for the pure joy of getting lost in a story, like I used to when I was a youngster, which means that I am going to be reading more fantasy, thrillers and mystery books this year since these are the books […]

People are saying...

  • Creative Teaching

    “Francine has shown a great commitment to the training and development of  young Aboriginal students. Francine has a real compassion for students and tries her best to encourage them to follow their dreams and to pursue their education. Her cross-cultural skills, sensitivity and intuitiveness create a high level of trust amongst those she encounters which are valuable skills in creative writing and creative teaching environments, and are exceptionally important when dealing with sensitive social or political issues.” (Pam Brown, Curator Pacific Northwest Coast and Native Youth Program director at UBC Museum of Anthropology)

    - Creative Teaching
  • Creative Teaching

    It’s a pleasure to watch Francine interact with high school students. She is able to motivate students, even when from the outside it looks like there is no interest.” (Jill Baird, UBC Museum of Anthropology Education and Public Programs)

    - Creative Teaching
  • 2822 a novel

    “Excellent flow to the narrative, true literature (would like to read the novel!), strong emotional punch, unique (and important) subject matter.” (Jury comment, 2014 Our Story: Aboriginal Arts and Writing Challenge.)

    - 2822 a novel
  • 2822 a novel

    “It’s not often that I’m surprised by historical writing. But I wasn’t familiar at all with the forced sterilization that took place in Alberta and BC in particular. Kudos for Francine for shining a light on this horrific practice.” (Jury comment, 2014 Our Story: Aboriginal Arts and Writing.)

    - 2822 a novel