• Francine Cunningham

Pandemic consumption

If you are like me during this time of pandemic isolation you have been turning to storytelling to make your way through. I have as of late been turning more and more towards storytelling that tells of other pandemics and other forced confinement or solitary self going , imaginary or otherwise. I think this stems from a place of trying to understand and see my own experience in other people’s stories. So I am compiling a list, this will be on-going, of the stories that I have enjoyed the most.

  1. The Leftovers: TV show which is currently available to stream on Crave in Canada. This show ran from. and in my humble opinion is one of the best TV shows ever. I am talking writing, acting, music, and just over all storytelling. It gives you enough to keep the mystery alive without ever leaving mysteries unsolved, which is something I hate. It ran three seasons and was written to be told in three seasons, which is just awesome. The story follows a town and their towns folk after the day of the departures, where 2% of the worlds population just vanished in one moment. It starts three years after that day and man oh man, its exciting. I was wholly engrossed.

  2. The Last Town on Earth: Novel by

  3. Mosquito book: Non-fiction

  4. pandemic book about cholera:

  5. The Stand: Book and TV Series from the 90s

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