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Movie music for writing

If you're like me you need to listen to music while you're writing. Somedays I can have on stuff with lyrics but most days I need not to have words. On those days, I turn to either classical music or film scores. I like to organize my scores into playlists that fit genre and mood (like an action sequence scene vs a lovey dovey scene) and somedays I just have them all shuffled together into a random mess of lovely background noise. I am on Spotify as FRantastic_0 if you care to follow, and I am just now setting up playlists (as I just recently joined) and you can follow my playlists like, Movie Music for Writing_General mix,  if you like. But for now, I will just list out some of my favourites. Tried and true, these scores have gotten me through many a writing day.

Some film scores I listen to while writing:

Mad Max: Fury Road composed by Tom Holkenborg— This is loud and frenetic. Great for action and high intensity scenes.

Titanic composed by James Horner— I mean, who doesn't love some Titanic. 

Troy composed by James Horner.

Atonement composed by Dario Marianelli— I love this for love and softer scenes.

The Mist composed by Mark Isham —Erie and awesome.

The Dark Knight composed by Hans Zimmerand James Newton Howard

All Harry Potters scores composed by various people. John Williams, Patrick Doyle, Nicholas Hooper, Alexandre Desplat and others.

The Book of Eli composed by Atticus Ross — First time I walked out of a theatre needing to look up the music.  

Legion composed by John Frizzell— definitely some dystopian stories have been written to this. 

Star Trek (2009)and Star Trek: Into Darknesscomposed by Michael Giacchino.

Superman: Man of Steelcomposed by Michael Giacchino

This is just a brief list. If you have scores you enjoy writing to let me know on my Facebook page what they are and I'll check them out :)

Dramatically yours,



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