• Francine Cunningham

What I read in November 2015

Ack! Another tiny reading month.

Forty Three, Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis.

Loved it! This book only took an afternoon to read and was completely engaging. I totally gave it my vote for the giller win and I was right. I think because it was so far removed from other books I had read but at the same time familiar in some devices for magic realism that I fell into the groove of the book easily. I think the use of dashes in place of traditional dialogue tags was good decision. I also think the multiple points of view was important and keep the story going forward and feeling fresh.

Forty FourGalore by Micheal Crummey (again) for a the UBC Alumni book club.

So this was cool. I read it this time with a focus on craft and tried not to get swept up in the story. There are so many layers in this novel and I really love how he weaves in folklore from Newfoundland and makes me feel like I am right there. Love it. And so did my book club group.



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