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Best books I read in 2016

Hey everyone!

So I know I like totally failed on my #95 reads challenge but I did read some amazing books this year nonetheless and I would like give you a break down of the top 5. Why? I don't really know. I guess blogging about books is just easier than say, baring my soul on the internet. So on that note:

(I'm not going to do a like gold silver bronze type deal. These are all equally awesome, okay, no judgement from me, hey.)

The Book of Negros by Lawerence Hill- Holy cow, how had no one made me read this book before?!? It was incredible. Seriously. The writing was flawless and the story. The story hits you. This opened up my eyes to so much more of history and I believe that books like this should be on more syllabus across the country.

Birdie by Tracy Lindberg- Okay, so I loved this book. I wrote a review of it for Prism Literary magazine where you can read how much I loved it here

The Round House by Louise Erdrich- Like I know now why she is considered one of the best. This was my introduction to her writing and I feel like I now have a whole treasure trove of stories to dive into.

The bus driver who wanted to be God by Etgar Keret- If you love weird, speculative, magic realismy, awesomely written short stories check out this collection. I've been a fan of the film Wrist Cutters for a long while and the novella the film is based on is the last story in this collection. Seriously, if you like your short fiction weird check this collection out.

The Ocean at the end of lane by Neil Gaimen- It turned out I ended up doing a study of Neil Gaimen this year as I spent a whole month, not on purpose, it just sorta happened, reading/listening to his books. I loved American Gods (can't wait for the mini series!!), and I've been a fan of the star dust story for years, but there was just something about this book. The magicalness of it was incredible. It was so innocent and beautiful. I really loved it. I had rented it from the library but as soon as I finished I went and bought a copy so I can reread it whenever I want, hahaha. I have a few books like that, ones that I read when I am feeling sad or lonely, that help me feel good again, this book is now in that precious group.

- FRan


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