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My project THE BERG was awarded a Telus StoryHive grant to create the pilot episode of the web series, which is pretty cool! This is my first official TV type project and it taught me a lot of about what it means to make something for the screen. The writing needs change for example, I did take some scripting writing classes in university as part of my MFA but I never actually had actors reading the lines, nor did I give the script to an actual director and producer, which is totally trippy to have them look at it. What they are looking for is different than what I the writer was thinking they'd need. I was more focused on making sure this episode fit inside of the larger arc of the whole show, I have planned a four season show, ten episodes a season and making sure certain reveals etc happen at certain times to keep the audience engaged and guessing, making sure characters do certain things at certain times. What they needed was practical what is actually happening in the specific episode that we are literally spending money on right now. Which is like totally obvious but coming from a novel writing background, which the above details are how writers plan is just different. I really enjoyed this process of writing though, things are much more immediate, you get feedback instantaneously, you have to move and find solutions right away, it was refreshing. After working on a novel for like eight years with feedback every years or so as a new revision is completed is different.

While on set I was the set decorator which I LOVED! It was so cool getting to create a world, one that I had thought about so much, seeing what I could only put into words before becoming reality. I want to do more of it. And also being on set was just pure fun. Everyone being all creative and putting in their very best effort into something was great. Reminded me of being in theatre school and play rehearsals, I guess I missed working with a group of people on something creative.

My favourite class in theatre school was collective creation where as a class we came up with a play and out it on at the end of the term, It was so fun making something from scratch and then seeing it up on its feet right away.

I'd love to work on more film projects and am going to start actively pursuing more film learning opportunities. My next big dream would be to work on a scripted drama, think Russian Doll or something surreal like that. My short fiction always skews into that territory and I love seeing it up on screen so I'd love to work on a show like that.

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P.S You can watch the episode and find out more info on


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