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I am in Quebec!

Hey everyone!

So I have official begun my five week adventure in Mistissini, Quebec as an artist in residence with the Mikw Chiyâm Program for 2017. I am going to be working with youth in the high school on zine making. We are going to dive into writing, drawing, and basically creating fun stuff. I am super excited to get back into the classroom as I've been away from one for about a year.

I am also excited to get out of my comfort zone, environment wise, I've been pampered living in Vancouver, winter wise, so it will be nice go into winter for a bit. I also had to take a small plane, and I didn't have a panic attack! So yay!

My plans for my time here are creating, reading, teaching and catching up on my sleep, its so weird and wonderful not hearing the city all night. I love this quiet.

Stay warm,

- FRan


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