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LISTEN: ‘Nipiy’ a poem by Francine and Myrtle

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Water is Love, Medicine, Spirit, Balance

A poem written by Francine Cunningham with Cree translations by Myrtle Calahasian. I wrote this poem to celebrate water or nipiy. I asked my grandmother, Myrtle Calahasian, to help me with the translations and to read the voice of the wind. I love my grandmother’s voice and to hear us together makes my heart happy.

We have to fight for the water. We have to pray for the water. Water is the future of every living thing on this planet. When all of us take a stand and are one in solidarity we can help to preserve the natural beauty around us. The land provides every single thing we need to survive, we should not repay that gift by poisoning it, cutting into it, destroying it. Without water there will not be another seven generations. I lift my hands to all of those who are on the front lines, who understand what it is to fight for the land.


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