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May 2015: Life update

Well I am finally home after being on the road since December. I have really enjoyed my travels and I hope to strike out again in a few months but for now I am quite content to figure out a routine at home and catch up on some sleep and work.

Today I spent the day readying some garden space, planting seeds, pruning herbs and over grown bushes. I swept out old places and washed down windows. I made my backyard writing/painting space fresh and clean for summer. I feel good about it.

I also prepped canvas for some new paint, I have some ideas rolling around this head of mine. I really really enjoy painting with oil, the blending, the softness, it inspires me. But I can't paint with oil inside my small apartment so I must wait until it's warm enough to do so outside. I am excited that it is finally time. So expect the projects section of my website to start to be filled with new paintings.

I realized today that I have to up my reading game. I went into a local bookstore to find a new copy of On Writing by Stephen Kingas my last copy, marked up and all, was borrowed and never returned. (Why do I still lend out books?) And I got to chatting with the lady who works there. She told me she never reads a book twice. She is plagued by the fear of not reading all that she can read in this life. I've never felt that way. I've reread some books dozens of times, I like rereading books, I get to know the characters. It feels like I'm hangout out with old friends. I know that I'll never be able to read all that has been written in my lifetime so why bother worrying about it? But I will agree that I probably can, at this stage in my life, without a full time job, not having kids etc,  read more. Perhaps I can try for ten books a month?

I am also resolving to try this summer copying, in longhand, pages from my favourite books. Books that moved me. Inspired me. Let me know that there are ways of writing I never knew existed. I am hoping by doing this I will be able to learn more about my craft.  Create better sentences, description, dialogue — grow basically.

So onwardly yours,



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