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One small thing in 2016

So I've decided something. The only way that I am going to be able to do the things that I want is to just start doing them. For some reason I had this belief that everything has to be perfect before I can start something. But I am just starting to realize how ridiculous that is because really the only thing that is doing is holding me back. I've read self helpy type books, you know the ones, the Get What You Want ones, and I'm pretty sure this is a main point of those books but I guess it just took me realizing it on my own for it to actually make sense. And now its like of course! Just start and figure it out as you go.

I always thought that people who were successful in their chosen careers had lined up everything perfectly and I don't know, were just more put together than me, but what I actually think now is they just went for it and did the best with the mess that they could. Because the mess is just always going to be there.

So back to my deciding. One small thing a day. Yep, that's my program, if I was a person who sold self-help programs. Just write down your goals and then do one small thing everyday that pushes you towards them and pretty soon you'll have done so many small things that you'll have really done lots of big things. And just start. You don't have to have it all figured out at first. Just do the smallest thing you can think of today. And then tomorrow do another small thing. And don't quit. That's important. Look up from your small things every once in a while but don't get scared by the end goal and how away it is and the how am I ever going to do this and it's going to take too much time and I'm not good enough. Just tell yourself, I don't know how I am going to get to that huge big goal but I do know that today I can write this one page. Because you can do that. That's easy.

To go along with this program of mine I've decided to start YES to opportunities instead of being afraid because I've never done them before and I should really learn all about them first and that will take some time so maybe not right now. I've realized its ok to be scared of new things. I think most people are, they just don't talk about it. So when someone comes to you with something you've never done before and its kinda daunting maybe just say yes and figure it out as you go because once you do it once you'll be better the next time and pretty soon it'll just be something you do.

So yeah, this is my program. Small things everyday, just start and say YES.


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