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So lets be honest here, I haven't updated in a long time. It's hard to remember to blog and you know, I am a prime there's always tomorrow kind of person. So anyways, I have updates.

1. I was published in The 2017 Best Canadian Essays! That was pretty cool. I was one of the best, for a glorious shining moment. The essay that was selected was called Still, small voice and was about my anxiety. This essay is from the non-fiction book that I am currently writing and hope to have finished by the end of the summer.

2. The second essay from my non-fiction book was long listed for the Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest from The New Quarterly and will be published in the spring 2019 edition of the magazine. That essay is called Half-Breed and is an exploration of my half-breed identity.

3. I won first place in Grain Magazine's Short Fiction contest which was pretty cool. The story that won is called Starting a Religion and it's pretty weird so I had almost given up hope that it would ever be published anywhere so I was very excited to get the email that I said I had won. This story is included in my short fiction collection that I am currently shopping around to some publishers that publish short story collections of weird little stories. If you've never read my fiction before you can find link on my WRITING page to stories that have been published online in various magazines.

4. This one is pretty big.....are ya ready....I SOLD MY FIRST BOOK! It's called ON/me, its a book of poetry, and I am publishing with Caitlin Press. I am so excited. I am going to do a longer post dedicated to the book a bit later when it has an official cover but as of now its available for pre-order on Amazon! (That's so trippy!) So if you feel inclined to dig deep into who I am as a person on like a super intimate level then this book is for you!

Okay, I know there has been more since I last blogged but these were some of the highlights. From now on I promise to be more on top of this whole talking to the world thing.

- FRancine


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