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What I read in April 2015

This month was me travelling for most of it. I don't have an electronic reading device so I typically only travel with one or two books because I'm a terrible packer and am always right at the weight limit for luggage. This means of course that I only delved into a few books.

(A continuation)

Eighteen, The Great Book of Amber by Roger Zelazny. Ok, I feel I should get some credit here. This volume is actually all ten books in one collection. I didn't actually make it through all ten yet because I rented it from the library and my due date came up and there was no chance of renewal so I'll have to finish when my turn comes up again in line. This book was a recommendation from a friend, it's his favourite book series and when something is someone's favourite, well I gotta give it a go. I can say that I am enjoying it. I'm typically not into urban fantasy but since this is like not totally urban fantasy and its super crazy fun I will say I am looking forward to finishing it.

So far I love Corwin! What a great narrator. And also, I thought the way the author choose to give him amnesia from page one was a super clever way of giving the reader a ton of exposition information. Which I know in the writing world is like a big dreaded no no but I don't see any other way this book could function without all the exposition. This world is unlike any world I have read about before. I needed to find about it and all it's rules along with Corwin. Anyways, I am a fan.

Nineteen, The Four Agreementsby Don Miguel Ruiz. Sometimes I like to read books that remind me not to focus on the nano-moments of life and to remember that there is the bigger universe of life out there. That the spiritual unseen realm is just as real and just as present and that its ok to step back from all the "demands" and "pressure" I feel on a daily basis, all the To-do lists basically, and give my mind time to reflect on myself and what I believe. What have I been learning and realizing in the background? How can I bring those realizations into the present moment? I've read this book a few times and every time I can see how much I've changed since the last time I read it.

So until next month, when I hope to read a few more then this month, farewell.



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