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What I read in August

I didn't do a lot of book reading this month. Instead I read all the lit mags that have been silently stacking up in my house. So many good short stories and poems.

Thirty TwoEmergency Roadside Assistance by Michael Crummey.

This was cool because I read Salvage last month and lots of these poems seem to be earlier drafts of some of those poems. It was cool to compare and see how they were edited. I really really enjoyed the poem Naked. I think because its about writing and it captures the feeling of writing so well.

Thirty Three, Hark a Vagrantby Kate Beaton.

This was a gift for my birthday last year. I finally made my way through it and I laughed so hard on every page. The writing is witty, makes you think and is really just a good time. Makes me think that I could someday seriously get into comic writing.

Here's to reading more books next month :)



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