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What I read in June 2015

Twenty Eight, Night Gears by Bren Simmers 

I don't read poetry books that often. I should. This collection was brilliant. Soft. I really super enjoyed the last series on Postcards.

I love postcards so much. I send them out to friends constantly. Finding them in quirky stores is something I love to do, the hunt, my eyes always open. I usually send them off with a sentence of two from the book that is inspiring me the most at the moment.

I have always wanted to always go up north north. So this series was the most perfect blend of those two interests for me. Snapshots of a place I want to visit.

Twenty Nine, Zombie by Joyce Carol Oats.

This was hard to read. Brilliant to read. This hurt to read. I am also like 80% sure this book really influenced the weird cold writing that I did this month.

Thirty, The Sapphire Rose by David Eddings.

Old favourite. This was because I haven't been reading any fantasy lately and I haven't visited with ole' Sparhawk and gang for a while. Realized something though while reading, it was super weird and creepy that Sparhawk married Elehna. Like really gross. As a kid reading this I never thought about it but man, it bugged me and grossed me out the whole time.

Thirty One, Rant by Chuck Palahnuik.

So this was….it was Palahnuik. I enjoyed the structure and figuring out the rules of this world as I went. I wasn't spoon feed the rules and I enjoyed that. The writing as usual was spot on. Apparently there is a whole genre of fiction called bizarro fiction, you can read about Ten Bizarre Literary Movements and Genre's here, and Palahnuik fits in with this genre. I think that lots of my writing also fits in here. I'm thinking my next of his will be a short story collection. I really enjoy his short stories. I can't stop thinking of Obsolete from last months reading list.

Reading from the beach,



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